Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly Menu

Okay Simply Susan, you have inspired me - I'm going to attempt planning my menus a week at a time. Although my typical follow-through behavior, this will probably only last one week.

I’m going to try to post more often – wait a minute, that’s not an appropriate goal. I write goals all the time for my Special ed kids so let me try this again. Currently I’m not writing any posts so let’s rewrite that goal to – The student will write three posts every week with one of the posts including her weekly menu with an 80% accuracy. LOL


    • Breakfast - cereal
    • Lunch - Bobby will be making English Muffin Pizzas (I'll be cleaning up all afternoon but it's worth every minute!)
    • Dinner - Coconut Chicken Fingers  adobe reader icon


        • Breakfast - Cream of wheat
        • Lunch - Ravioli ("square spaghetti" as Bobby calls it)
        • Dinner - All In One Spaghetti  adobe reader icon


            • Breakfast - Waffles
            • Lunch - Bobby's pizza
            • Dinner - 7-Up Chicken  adobe reader icon


                • Breakfast - waffles
                • Lunch - ABC spaghetti
                • Dinner - Famous Pork Chops - my own recipe with cracker crumbs & eggs adobe reader icon


                    • Breakfast - French toast
                    • Lunch - Grilled cheese
                    • Dinner - We'll eat at the Saint Jo Rodeo


                        • Breakfast - cream of wheat
                        • Lunch -  grilled cheese
                        • Dinner - eat out

                        BTW- Check out where I'm going in a month - Women of Faith Conference in Dallas! My friends have gone for the last couple of years and I signed up yesterday to join them this year! I can't wait!!!


                        We, meaning Michael & I, installed a new A/C window unit Friday which has helped control some of the heat in our living room. Our Brittany Spaniel, Sara, really likes it because it's nice a low where she can lay in front of it and cool off! I'll try to get a picture of her posted.