Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Chapter

Friday, June 3, 2011 was the closing chapter of part of my professional life. (Sounds pretty ominous, right?)

Bobby, Kaili, Munen, and I headed to the school @ 8:00 to pack up the remainder of my classroom. I wasn't sure I could do it without having a complete mental breakdown. I had been told so many lies over the last year and especially the last week that I didn't even know what I would find when I got there. I went expecting the worst. After all, I had been told that I wasn't allowed to be on campus except from 4-8 on weekdays and that the locks had been changed. Once again these were lies told to try to control me. Anyway, we brought boxes and got to work! Four hours sure didn't seem like enough when we began but we had it knocked out in 2 1/2 hours! We even had the vehicles unloaded by 11:00! It was a lot of work but it was such a stress relieving expedition!

The next step will be to purchase plastic tubs to properly store everything. We didn't worry about how anything was packed. It was get it in a box and get it home as fast as possible!

Michael's comment was simply "I hope that's all there is!" It's quite a huge stack!

I also took some time to organize my yarn stash. I am just like every other crafter in the world. (At least I hope!) I didn't realize I had so much yarn until I gathered it all together. Here's the picture:

I have now organized it into a few categories and inventoried it. There are 3 large bags under my bed, a couple of baskets in my 'craft' closet, and the scrap pieces are in the bottom of a large wooden chest. It's exciting to have it all organized and know what I have available. The sad part is... NO MORE YARN BUYING FOR A LONG TIME!!!!

I have four projects on hook and in the meantime I'll try to plan some projects for each of the yarns. Good luck, right? LOL!