Friday, August 19, 2011

Last night was Meet the Teacher night for Bobby. I was dreading it all day. Finally, it was time to go. As we were driving to town, I could feel myself starting to panic.
"Breathe deep. Deep breath."
I turned on some music to give me some direction. Barlowe Girls "Enough" came on.
"Awww that's the stuff! Relax. Breathe deeper. You can do this. Bobby's worth every ounce of discomfort."
I thought about just walking around the side of the building and totally avoiding the foyer, but it was time to face my demons. We headed into the building. We walked in and my foe didn't even have the decency to speak to me, just Bobby.
But the best part was when it was time leave. We were standing in the foyer and all of a sudden a small child runs up and hugs me. I looked down and saw my sweet HG! She remembered me! I did make a difference! I know that my average IQ kids will remember me but when a child with special needs, like HG remember you, it's amazing!
So I did it! Was it worth it? YES!!! I felt so much better afterwards for facing my foe! I know now that I can do this. Yeah me!!
Monday, I have a job interview for a secretarial position in Gainesville! This weekend I'm going to work on my two minute sales pitch (have to sell myself to the interviewer!)