Sunday, September 2, 2012

Couponing Hints

A few friends have asked bout how I coupon. First let me say, I'M NOT AN EXPERT! But I believe that we can all learn from each others experience. So here are some ideas of where I find my coupons:

I follow a lot of blogs that post links to coupons. 

Many times the companies have coupons on their websites or on their Facebook pages.
Be aware that some coupons from companies can be printed only one time. But some of them you can back up to the page and print it a 2nd time.
These are the companies that you will see coupons from in the newspapers. I try to limit printing from them because they are usually the same as the free newspaper version. Why waste my ink & paper, when I can get them for free?

Also, luckily for me, my wonderful mother-in-law saves her coupons for me!
If you are one of those people who likes to shop in different stores (not me), there also many blogs that will list sales and price comparisons. 

Coupon Mom is fabulous because she helps you find the lowest prices and which stores to find the best prices. She also has the links to the coupons that are listed in her price listing.

 Some blogs recommend not cutting out the coupons, just keeping them in files and pulling out the coupon you need when you go shopping. That to me sounds like a huge pain! I guess it would work if you lived closer to the stores than my 30 minute one way trip, it would make sense. They can simply go back tomorrow or another day to use their coupons. I cut out all of my coupons that I could use and put them in plastic sheets that are sold for trading cards. I take my binder with me just in case we see something that wasn't on the list or something that is a fabulous bargain. To me, it would be a waste to be at the store and need to buy something and not have my coupon! Why go through the trouble of cutting them out, saving them, and not being able to use them.

For me, personally, the biggest problem that I'm still trying to figure out is what is the best way to keep track of my coupons and having a usable list to shop with. I did create a spreadsheet where I listed each of the items, the coupon, and what is the required purchase for the coupon. Bobby said it was the quickest way that we had shopped yet. I'm still learning and always trying to make it better and more convenient.

I hope this helps someone out there! I would welcome any suggestions you have. I want to learn from your experience, too!