Monday, September 30, 2013

Frustrating Conversations

One of the very difficult things I face on a regular basis is answering Bobby’s many questions. They are not the usual questions that you might expect from a child whose father died – “Why did Daddy die?” or “Is Daddy in Heaven?” I think I could answer those. I could probably even answer “Why is the sky blue?”
Lately though, his questions have to be answered with a firm response. And when I say firm, I mean almost mean! He constantly questions my rules. He always seems to think his plan is better.
At what point does it become okay to say “Because I said so!”? That’s one of those answers you never want to give your child because you should always have a reason but there are times where I’m questioned and shouldn’t be questioned on my reasons – it should just be “Because I said so!”

I don’t know that I want to become that Mother who demands complete obedience without questions. I mean aren’t there times where it should be a “teachable moment?” For example, don’t touch the hot stove because you will get burned. Or you need to take a shower everyday so that you don’t stink up to high heaven and your friends refuse to even talk to you because you smell so bad. However, some rules are rules because they are rules, right? For example, clean up your room or turn off the TV.
Sometimes I do want to explain to him my reasons. Sometimes I want things done because I want them done and that should be good enough. Sometimes I am the parent and that’s why. But maybe sometimes I could just say “Because I said so!”