Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Warrior Part 4

Friday night, Bobby and I had a pizza, movie, popcorn night. Well, actually when we got home I realized that we had no pizza! That’s extremely unusual for our house because we always have pizza night on Friday! Oops! But we had fun anyway. We watched Space Jam and Bobby ate spaghetti (his 2nd favorite food) followed by popcorn. I introduced Bobby to the Hot Tamales/popcorn combination. If you have never had this combo, I highly recommend it! It’s fabulous because the hot cinnamon flavor tones down the saltiness of the popcorn and the saltiness of the popcorn tones down the hotness of the Hot Tamales.
Saturday morning was Bobby’s last basketball game. He scored twice! I’m a proud Momma!
A picture taken by one proud Mom of one proud boy!

After the game, we headed for Cici’s for lunch with Bobby’s best friend and then to watch Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace in 3D. It was weird being there knowing that just two months ago it would have been Michael taking him. They would have had a great time. I found myself looking over at him many times during the movie just to make sure that he was still enjoying himself. The Star Wars Saga was always something they had in common. There were many, many light saber fights around here!

A picture of one of the many light saber fights
On the way home, Bobby was invited to hang out with our neighbor’s grandson so while he played I began the painting project in my bathroom. Painting in my family has a bad reputation. (I’ll post the story of my mother’s painting at a later date. It’s a classic!) Actually, I think it’s more that the women in my family have a bad reputation when it comes to painting. My mother asked me if I bought an extra gallon for the amount that I would be wearing! No, I only bought one gallon – it’s a small bathroom. Here is a picture of during the painting:

Bathtub area with one coat of paint
And now for the finished ceiling!

The finished bathroom ceiling
Impressive? I think so too! It’s pretty exciting to know that I did that! Now to figure out how to use some kind of power tool to cut a 1 x 10” painted piece of wood to make shelves in B’s bathroom.