Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Warrior Pt. 2

I made my list last week of projects to accomplish over the weekend - Weekend Warrior time! Of course, there’s the weekly household chores – laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. But this weekend included some extras:
1.       B’s basketball game @ 9:30
2.      Get the Cruiser inspected
3.      Finally put away the Christmas boxes
4.      Organize B’s Lego & Transformer instructions
5.      Reorganize the pantry
Saturday morning started off with B scoring TWO baskets for the THIRD week in a row! My mom called him our ‘two basket guy.’ He’s extremely proud of himself!
Off I went to get the Cruiser inspected. Michael’s favorite toy was his 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

My only concern was that it had not been inspected since June 2010. It passed with flying colors! Off I headed to do some quick grocery shopping and a quick Dollar General Store stop.
Now, to work I go! (Yeah for me because I remembered to take before pictures!)

And now the reveal of my newly regained dining room…

Ahhh, now that’s much better! Dinner anyone?

Next project would have to wait for the evening. I really needed a nap after all that work! LOL!
But, at least I did get it done! There is just no good way to store all of those instructions. Or I’m still looking for the best way to store all of those instructions! Looking at Pinterest has really inspired me and so here is what I came up with…

I combined Lego books that were multiple books from the same set. I also combined Transformers that were essentially the same. For example, all versions of Optimus Prime are in one sheet protector and Bumblebee is in its own pocket. B has a few Mini-Cons that are very small directions so those are combined into one protector. I created a cover sheet and a label for the spine. I also spent some time explaining to B how the system should work. (Take one out and use it then replace it as soon as you are finished.) The best part of this is that all of the directions are in one place. I realized that B really doesn’t use the directions very much but it was important that they all be kept together.

So, now you would expect to see some before pictures of the pantry, right! Well, you can keep looking and you won’t find them. Sunday morning we went to church and I was officially done for the day and weekend! I just couldn’t make myself do anything else! I don’t know what the problem was for sure but I have some theories.

1.       Monday was my 42nd birthday. It was the first one without my dear sweet husband. Maybe I was mentally preparing myself for the sadness that I knew the day would bring.
2.      Maybe I was just tired.
3.      Maybe I just needed a break.
4.      Maybe I just didn’t care.
5.      Maybe I was just resting up for the Super Bowl.
6.      Maybe I was starting to get sick because I feel awful today.
7.      Maybe it was overwhelming to think about starting such a large project on my own even though I had already purchased baskets to organize the shelves.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t get done. But the good news is there is still food in there, organizing the pantry doesn’t prevent the outflow of food! So that project will remain on the Weekend Warrior list. My parents are coming again this weekend so we will see what exciting projects we can come up with. B has another basketball game Saturday. How about a 4th game in a row of 2 baskets?