Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Warrior, Pt. 5

Friday night, Bobby spent the night with Michael’s parents and his cousin. This was the first time that he has done that since Michael died. It is kind of weird being home by myself. The good news is that I was able to drive the Cruiser home finally! It had been parked at my in-laws house for over two weeks. Michael’s best friend came and checked out the clutch and discovered a leaking clutch master cylinder. Evidently Michael knew about it because he had extra fluid inside the Cruiser.

Saturday I had to work longer than usual so I didn’t get much done. Bobby had a Boy Scouts Pack Meet at the football field. So we didn’t get home until almost 5 o’clock! I had a list of things to do that didn’t get done at all! Which means that all had to be moved to Sunday plus church. WOW! Weekends like this remind you of how difficult it is to be alone in this experience. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to take B to Boy Scouts. That would have been the first time that being alone would have truly interfered with my ability to be there for Bobby. But God has a plan and He has control so I was able to leave work in time to eat lunch, change clothes, and take a breather before heading back to town! AWESOME!!! (BTW – in case you were wondering about the size of the trunk in a Mustang – yes, it is big enough for a large cooler but no, the opening isn’t large enough for the cooler to get in the space!) 

Sunday after church, we ran our errands and returned home to begin the Weekend Warrior projects. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough hours left in the weekend! I was determined to get one fun project accomplished though. I saw the best idea for storing shoes on Pinterest and knew this would be the best way for me. Here is the before picture:

Pretty scary, huh? The funny thing is there was an unmatched shoe! You would think I would find it after all the cleaning up but nope! I have no idea where it is or what happened to it!
  1. Clean out shoes
  2. Hang rod
  3. Bend wire hangers to correct shape
  4. Hang shoes on rod
Easy right? WRONG! First of all, I bought PVC pipe assuming my shoes wouldn’t be heavy enough to justify needing a metal pole but it turns out I was wrong, as you might be able to see from the after pictures. (For future reference, a 10’ pole will fit in a Mustang with the back seat folded down.)

I would also recommend extra care when you are bending the clothes hangers because I stabbed my thumb with one.
And so I leave with you this week with another picture of the goofy dog named Radar. This time he tried to find some food in a Sonic bag but couldn’t get his head out! DUH!! He’s just not the brightest dog I’ve ever known!