Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tracking To Do Lists

My mother has always been good at keeping a list of her to dos in a spiral notebook. As a matter of fact, there was even an occasion when my sister-in-law was running errands with her and they wanted to eat at Whataburger. When Suzanne looked at the list, it wasn't on there so she quickly grabbed a pen and added it to the list!
My mother has even gotten my dad using one since his retirement! But this never worked for me. It would work for a couple of weeks but then I slowly stopped using it and didn’t even realize it until a few months later when I came across the notebook by accident. I tried keeping track on my iPhone but I didn’t want to buy an app. Surely there is something out there that will work.
Yesterday, it hit me – what about using the Reminders app? I had started a couple of lists to track ongoing projects and possible needs around the house but nothing else until I realized that I could create a list for each day. If something is accomplished, it gets checked off and you can look back at your completed items and they are even shown by date! If something doesn’t get accomplished on the assigned date, it is moved to the next day when I could work on it. For example, Sunday was the day I was supposed to finish the laundry but it didn’t happen so I moved it to Monday.
You have to look quickly before the completed tasks disappear from the screen

You can even change the order the lists occur. So I might try keeping the current day as the first list that way when I open the app, I see today’s list. Since I’ve only been using this app for a few days, it’s hard to tell if it will work long term. After all, other systems have worked for a couple of weeks and then “fell apart at the seams.”
Here is a screen shot of Monday’s list. You can see that I moved laundry from Sunday to Monday.

I would love to know what you have found is way to keep track of your To-Do’s. Do you use technology or are you from the old school of pen and paper? How does it work for you? What do you think? HELP!