Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finishing Projects

This is the blanket I've been working on for about a month! Actually it's about the 5th attempt to finish. It just seemed to be the unfinishable pattern. I couldn't seem to follow the pattern. The first time I had it completed, it was actually a TRAPEZOID not a rectangle! I tried a couple of times more but the sides were never straight. So I changed patterns and had it completed within a week!

I also took the last of the yarn to create this bottle warmer. Who would have thought a baby would need a bottle coozie!

Here is a lovely hat that I made from some yarn my mom had left over from knitting my sweet little niece, Ciarra a cardigan for Christmas. (She's not exactly little anymore since she's 22 now!)

Crochet Cable Hat

I also made this scarf from the leftover yarn from the cardigan that my mom knit me for Christmas. I have enough leftover that I'm making it again because my first attempt didn't look very much like the example.

Waves of Gray Neckwarmer
This ‘scarf’ is made from the leftover yarn used by my mom to make me a cardigan for Christmas. I actually had enough yarn to make 2 of these! I used more of the yarn to make a cute teddy bear hat for a baby. 

Isn’t that adorable?

Next, I have two amigurumi frogs for your viewing pleasure! I have two family members that are frog collectors that might like these. Personally, I love their kookie eyes! They give them a fun personality!

I told you that I have become a kind of crochet fanatic lately! I just can’t seem to stop myself now that I’m on a roll. I might have to start selling them if I keep on this path! Stay tuned to see what’s next! 

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