Monday, March 5, 2012

The New Ride!

After 2 ½ months, I finally had all the documents necessary to consolidate our vehicles into one! The first week of January, my dad and I had gone shopping for cars. We had the deal ready to close but unfortunately nothing could be done officially because Michael’s name was the only one listed on the Mustang and it had credit life on it. All that simply meant I had to wait for the insurance company to pay off the car, the bank to send the title, then to get the car retitled in my name and wait to receive the title in the mail. Each step seemed to take forever! 

Now it’s finally done! Now let the shopping begin!

        I incorrectly assumed that we would head directly back to the dealer we had the almost deal at but Dad felt it was best to check out other dealers first, just in case they had something better. After some truly interesting stops, which included “L-o-ret-ta” with the tobacco stained front tooth, we went back to Daryl. Or as he’s known around our house “Daryl and my other brother Daryl.” (Sorry for the 80’s reference there!)Success was achieved again! They had another car similar to the one we saw two months ago and we made the same deal as before. As we were working on the deal, I turned and looked up on the wall and saw a sort of timeline of Toyotas. The second one was a Land Cruiser similar to ours and it was another sign that I was making a good decision that Michael would be proud of. I keep my head pointed in the direction of making Michael proud of me and I can’t go wrong! Bobby even said that he thought Daddy would be proud of me! Remembering his wonderful cheerful words even now, bring tears to my eyes it’s one of those moments that tickles the heart and makes you proud to call him your son. His daddy would be proud of him too! Another great weekend!