Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Warrior Pt. 6

First I’ll start off with a little mystery picture. Do you know what this item is? I found it today while putting away some items in the laundry room. It was on the shelf in the back. Before you guess, you should know that it doesn’t belong in the laundry room. I’m hoping when my mother hears about the discovery of this, she will tell me why she put it there. (I have no other rhyme or reason since she is the only one who has been cleaning my house besides me.)

And now we return to our regularly scheduled post! I bought the right kind of pipe for my shoe rack! It’s amazing how much better it is staying STRAIGHT! One of the things I learned was to be picky about the wire hangers you pick. I never realized that some of them were stronger than others. The hangers that have worked the best are actually the ones that have the cardboard tube on them. These are strong but also they are easier to curve into the appropriate shape because you don’t have to cut them. You simply remove the tube and bend the wire.
Some of the grout around Bobby’s tub came off a few weeks ago. I asked my tile guy, whose son I taught a million years ago and goes to my church what I could do. He suggested purchasing some caulk that was specifically designed for tiling. And yes, I accomplished that this weekend! I fixed that 8” strip this weekend. It's not exactly the right color but at least it's sealed!

I finished two crochet projects this week which is exciting to me because I have been so slow to complete them lately but something about finishing baby Emma’s blanket seems to have jumpstarted me into actually completing projects! I’ll have pictures of those later in the week.

 You'll have to come back to see those!

It has been a long time since I cleaned the house so that was a major goal for the weekend. Now it is Sunday night and I have finished about 1/3 of the house which doesn’t sound like much except when you consider the amount of junk that had piled up everywhere then it’s amazing that I have gotten so much done!
  • Laundry – done & put away (first time in 3 weeks that it was completed before I had to go back to work on Monday!)

  • Bobby’s random piles of toys
  • Last box of Michael’s clothes (It’s been sitting on a chair for weeks!)
  • Bathroom clean
  • Bedroom dusted
There is still so much to do around the house but I’m hoping with Bobby in Colorado and no nighttime activities this week, it will all get done. Hopefully, I can get some of the yard mowed tonight when I get home. It will be difficult because of the 3” of rain and the fact that it’s around a foot tall in some places but I have to start somewhere.

Stay tuned! I want to write a post soon about our love story that is unlike any other. I also want to tell you about the ‘Building Bridges’ that Bobby and I are attending in Wichita Falls to help him learn more about the grief he is feeling.

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you! Even a little note saying “keep it up” is encouraging. 

PS - one more update to share - my new do!

My new do!!!